Így még biztosan nem láttad a nevezetességeket!

Kaptak egy kis kiegészítést a híres építmények.

Rich McCor, azaz Paperboyo úgy döntött, hogy turistának áll saját városában, Londonban. Fotózást tervezett, mint minden világjáró, ám ő egy kicsit hozzátett a képekhez. Szó szerint. És a látványosságokhoz is.

Papírból vágott ki figurákat, ezeket illesztette a távolban lévő épületekhez, így kerültek teljesen új megvilágításba a jól ismert nevezetességek. Először a Big Ben-t fotózta egy papír karórával, ezt látta egy apa és lánya, akik el sem tudták képzelni, hogy mit művel a férfi. Aztán annyira odavoltak az ötlettől, hogy Rich azóta folytatja a projektet, már 363 ezer követője van kreatív fotóinak az Instagramon.

The countdown to the New Year is on! As 2017 arrives I imagine a lot of people will be keen to forget the year we’ve just had, but good things did happen in 2016 – the number of Tigers in the world rose, as did the number of Giant Pandas, Humpback Whales & Green Sea Turtles. A peace deal was signed in Colombia after 50 years of civil war. Sri Lanka is now malaria free after a wildly ambitious plan to eradicate it in five years paid off. The Solar Impulse 2 travelled 35,000km around the world powered by nothing but the sun. Candace Payne made millions of people laugh with a Chewbacca mask. Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours (read that again. How amazing is that?). Portugal ran its entire nation solely on renewable energy for four days straight. A new Harry Potter book came out. An on duty policeman proposed to his boyfriend in front of thousands of people at London pride. Sea World is no longer breeding captive Killer Whales. 93% of the world’s children are learning to read and write – the highest percentage in history. Good stuff is happening all around us- look for it and be a part of it. Oh, and one other good thing that happened this year- Leo finally got that oscar! A very Happy New Year wherever you are and a ‘yuge’ thank you for following my adventures in 2016. I’m looking forward to sharing more photos, travel stories & unbelievable facts with you in 2017 #HappyNewYear #BigBen #London #2017 #ThisIsLondon

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So the Paperboyo book is on sale tomorrow! Why buy it? Well it’s full of exclusive photos (including scenes from Scotland, Brazil, South Korea, Portugal & Others). It’s got my favourite stories & facts from all of the places I’ve been as well as some insights into my creative process. There’s also a bunch of behind the scenes images and we’ve dedicated a few pages at the back to the failed photos- the ones that didn’t go to plan! There’s even an interactive element in the book for you to go & take some of your own photos in my style. The main reason though is that it’s a book that will inspire you to you see the world a little differently, to look around a little longer, to ponder, to wonder & most of all to get out there and go explore 🌍 Pre-Order right now by clicking the link in my bio.

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