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Él az Egyesült Királyságban egy hölgy, aki szabadidejében szeret beöltözni egyik kedvenc szuperhősének jelmezébe, aki nem más, mint Wonder Woman.

I feel blessed to have such a big following . Some days I don't know why . Somedays I let my emotions get the best of me . I cry , I can't smile , I try to be happy, and can't feel it . But when I get a message from someone saying your message you wrote back gave me hope in the lowest point of life . You inspire me . It makes me look at myself even deeper . Who is this girl broken that seems to influence . That's also at the same time when I look at myself and say, I am all those things and the broken things too . Yes, I can be a big baby , can let my day show , can feel weak , but I can also be strong , I can get up when I'm tired and try to tell others they aren't alone . To remember the we are lions . In the mirror I am that girl trying to grow up and that Wonderwoman too. I am both . Doesn't matter how many people tell you though, it matters what YOU Think about yourself when you look in the mirror . I see a broken girl with a big heart . A girl who wants to make things right and does it wrong . A girl who hurts others to try to save herself from hurting and them . A girl who has done things I would never even believe I could do in good ways and in bad . The truth is we are all a #superhero To someone , we all have a villain we fight daily . We just have to see that Villian and accept he is there but don't let him win . Maybe someone looked sad and you said I love your makeup . Some ppl would have walked by this beautiful girl and said she's stuck up, too much makeup . Maybe not , maybe she is broken, just like everyone else . Maybe we need to stop judging every book by its cover . It's still odd to me when ppl look up to me . Because in my eyes sometimes I focus on the bad instead of the good. But maybe if we looked at the good more we would feel better, we would see our worth and keep using the good to help others . Instead of think we didn't matter . if you thought you mattered you'd do small things to help someone . You'd know that it doesn't take a big following to change a heart . It just takes some who tries and cares . The small things matter. I learned that late in life . But I see it everyday . #wonderwoman 📸 @harpendenstudios 🇬🇧

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A 28 éves Alisya egyébként a légierőnél szolgál már 19 éves kora óta. Korábban duci volt, de sok edzéssel és étrendváltással megszabadult felesleges kilóitól, és jelmez nélkül is hasonlít a Csodanőre. Minden reggel 4-kor kel, 5 és 6.30 között edz, ezután elmegy a munkába, majd munka után még két órát edz. Szabadidejében pedig önvédelmet oktat. Életéről az Instagram-ra tesz fel videókat, képeket. Már közel 225 ezren követik.

PLEASE READ CAPTION‼️‼️‼️ Somedays i feel like I have no idea what am I doing… or why . I look back and think about al the things I've been through, so far, well for the most part I have been on the right path . Ive made mistakes , strayed away from who I was , what I stood for , and God. At the end of the day I know where I belong and where who I am suppose to be and I will never get that lost that I don't return . Mistakes are okay as long as you can learn from them . My hardest times have made me into the person I am, a stronger person and it made me step back and evaluate myself more than ever . THINGS that seem the hardest might just be your biggest blessing :) DONT BE AFRAID to look in the mirror as hard as it might be to see your true reflection and flaws…just don't forget what's INSIDE ❤️ #tagsomeone #airforce #militarygirl

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What DO you hate most about your job❓comment below 👇Don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't good enough, make you think you need to follow the world to be successful . In the military People knew I liked to work hard, but I also liked to be myself. I have been told my whole military career "how are you in the military?" Not in a bad way it's just I have a crazy personality, i am spontaneous, can be reckless at times but my hard work, happy spirit, and energy never got me in trouble . Unless it's hurting anyone I don't believe on being a rat. Is that how we are suppose to be? We are taught to help each other. Yet people would constantly go up the chain instead of to my face . I think that's cowardly, and only makes the work atmosphere toxic . Walking on eggshells and anxiety , unhappiness so on.. I never told on anyone, only people who didn't like me was a small group that could never understand me, or just didn't know me . I never had any issues with anyone . Point is Don't feel you need to change who you're to adapt to someone's made up rules of how you should be. You're perfect the way you're . Surround yourself with people who bring you up, and also put you in check in a positive way . The military I think saved my life. Idk where I'd be today. It's been 9 years of learning, tears, highest and lowest points of my life . Met some amazing people and the worst of people. As long as you stay true to yourself and who you were meant to be it will all work out. Don't let anyone control the outcome only YOU can control your life ❤️ #militarylife#shecandoboth

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